Short Term Therapy Success Story at Ennis Care Center: Mr. and Mrs. S

Here is what Mr. and Mrs. S had to say:

I was in healthcare for over forty years as a career and was referred to Ennis Care Center after a hospitalization. My wife and I want to say: We have been so impressed with ALL of the staff at Ennis Care Center during my rehab stay! First of all, we really benefitted from having a private room because my wife stayed with me often. The nursing were very professional and kind. Any time we had an issue it was quickly resolved. ECC has the greatest CAN’s I have ever worked with. (Judy, Mimi, Evelyn, Lorraine and Lori) The therapy dept. was so impressive! They really took the time to go over things in a basic way to explain how I can be safer as I transition back to home. I have learned so much about the challenges that will face me being back in my home environment but I fell confident that I can be successful because of the extra teaching therapy did with me and my wife. We both recommended ECC highly and would come back for additional rehab if ever needed. ECC has the greatest staff I’ve met: from the nursing and therapy departments to the kitchen (Jackie) and transport ( Linda)!

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