Letter from the Administrator

Dobrý den! Hello, I hope all is well. I am new here at Ennis Care Center. I have relocated from a sister facility, and I am very excited. I have been familiar with Ennis Care Center for quite some time and have worked with a lot of the same people that Sharon Wolfe, DON has worked with for years. I am proud to be working with one of the longest tenured teams in the Long Term Care industry. I am very blessed to be surrounded with talented and passionate people. I know that I share the same values that have been in operation here for years. My goal, as administrator, is to provide the best possible care for the residents of this community and to represent our facility in a moral and ethical way. I look forward to getting to know each of you personally. If I can ever be of help, please feel free to come talk to me any time.

Summer is right around the corner, to be exact, June 20th. If you have lived in Texas during the summer, or you have lived here all your life, like I have, we all know how hot it is going to get. Please make sure to stay hydrated during the hot days and enjoy the rain when it comes, because we will pray for it in August. Whatever changes come your way, always know that our team of professionals, here at Ennis Care Center, will always be here to help you. I look forward to serving this community and specifically the residents here at Ennis Care Center. Na shledanou!

Daniel Whitehead, LNFA


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